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clear corners

clear corners

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clear corners

_Foose_ _Foose_
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 08/08
Posted: 08/29/08
02:42 PM

hi. I've looked everywhere but cannot for the life of me find the clear corner lights i want! They are euro crystal clear (not diamond cut!) corner lights for 98-2004 s-10/blazer. The reflector is crystal clear (NOT amber or factory style(like the amber ones, only clear!)) and has a blue dot in the center of the reflector. I have no idea of the company or who sells them, but ive seen 'em around. one place is one of sylin' trucks's catalogue pictures of an s-10. They dont have those clears though, only clear with the amber reflector. I'd also settle for the "angel eyes" style. they look like the "angel eye" projector headlights for the s-10s/blazers, but corner signals insteada headlights. I plan on the projector headlights anyways, so either of the two clear corner styles will work. Please help!!! Confused  

Wheat Wheat
Moderator | Posts: 431 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 08/31/08
02:53 PM

Ebay is your friend. Smile