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humble bee

humble bee

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humble bee

littleredwagon littleredwagon
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/14/10
01:09 AM

nothing special right now, its a 2k ram thats been dropped 3/5 with a few little engine mods, this is my answer to not being able to afford a detroit mucle car, and needing a work truck, ive also had a hardcore gearhead crush on these trucks since they came out in 94, so this ram is kinda my dream come true.  

plans are to go more muscle car-esque with the aesthetics, with the exception of modern LED and high tech lighting.  id like to do a mild body drop, and a grocery list of drivetrain mods that would make most mopar fanatics toes curl.  

id like to upgrade the suspension to four link in the back and do four corner coilovers and complete one off tubular uppers and lowers. living in saskatchewan you get pretty sick of going in straight lines, or at least i do, id love to be able to go out and snake cars on the drift track and road course in a full size half ton, maybe even yell "yee haww" really loud when i do!

for now and for always this is more than just my muscle truck and my cruiser/toy, its always going to be my every day vehicle and my work truck, and id love it to live up to the idea of a full on street pounding monster, and most importantly more than just some pretty truck thats somewhat fast in a straight line  Grin


before its mentioned, i know its not a real rumble bee.  i bought it from some kid, bone stock with the sticker package and some bad stick on hood scoops, to the kids credit it was (and will remain) in mint condition.  the scoops i ditched in favor of some R/T style hood patches but the rumble bee grew on me.  hopefully some day this truck will not only live up to and earn, but outdo the rumble bee moniker its been given.  this will be one project that never stops evolving, and ive only just begun to build up this slick mopar street machine of my dreams!  

CodyKallis CodyKallis
Enthusiast | Posts: 533 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 01/16/10
09:08 PM

The pictures didn't work.  Or maybe its my computer?  It sounds like a nice truck and you have some great ideas for it.  Keep it up, and welcome to the site.  We're always glad to have new members!