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M&R engines AKA M&R motors and machining sell junk motors. Beware!

M&R engines AKA M&R motors and machining sell junk motors. Beware!

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M&R engines AKA M&R motors and machining sell junk motors. Beware!

fastlane66 fastlane66
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 03/04/09
11:24 PM

Enough enthusiasts(both Ford and GM owners) have been hurt by this guy (Matt).I'm calling out to anyone who wants to help me run this guy out of business!

Crooks with a capital "C". Same crappy engine builder, same crappy management, with a new name. Here's my horror story: Purchased a 489 BBC stroker for a 71 Nova. The motor was professionally installed at $105/hr. Once the exhaust was connected, that's when the problems with the motor could be heard.
On the drivers side a loud thumping sound could be heard deep to the cylinder head. It turns out that Matt Leedy(owner) took the motor off the dyno with a collapsed lifter and shipped it to me. That's not all. Because the valve cover had to be removed, we noticed that he installed rocker arm studs that were too short for the application(Matt was contacted, and he confirmed that he knew about this before the engine was shipped out). That's not all. I went ahead and authorized the mechanic on my buck to have these items repaired. Matt agreed and paid $635.00 towards a $1700 bill(I'm negative about $1,100) after I had to drive to his shop and frankly show my behind. His wife susan is his co-captain and she is just as intent as Matt is on screwing people out of their money. The motor was closed up but now there is noticeble valve train noise on the passenger side of the car(loud ticking sound, motor has a hydraulic roller cam..... supposedly? Chris one his techs told me yesterday he installed a mechanical roller. what the f__k, I ordered a hydraulic roller. So now I have hydraulic roller lifters with a mechanical roller cam?) Matt explains over the phone to me that the ticking sound is normal. I'm like yeah right! My mechanic tells me to come get the car and have M&R motors
and machine AKA M&R engines fix the problems with the motor. I didn't even make it out of the shop, the engine starting leaking oil out heavily just in front of the transmission. The mechanic pulled the trans cover off to find the rear main 2 piece seal was leaking. Apparently, he used an older style 'stroker crank' for a new block which required him to use an adapter. Cheap skate crook! So I went back to him to ask for a refund to purchase a true GM BBC from corporate, he basically told me to go screw myself, and is wife locked me out of the shop. Mustangs fans, this is not your place. My suggestion is buy directly from ford racing
and skip the corner guys, ebay sellers, and anybody else who has not invested millions in R&D on their crate motors. GM Performance Parts....Yes I like to order your GM 572, you know the one that's validated, blue-printed, comes with a real warranty that covers labor and parts. Hint: If you watch Barret Jackson, the cars that fetch the most money have corporate Ford or GM motors in them. Hhhhhm!

If you want to read more horror stories. Go to www.STANG.NET. Click on the search link, then click on M&R engines on ebay. Don't say I didn't warn you!  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 03/05/09
04:49 PM

Sorry to hear about you bad experience. Have you thought about going to small claims or civil court to re-coup your losses?  

bkeithbell bkeithbell
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/27/09
02:18 PM

Wish I had found this before I ordered my motor which I still haven't recieved yet after a month and a half.  What is this company's address.  Think I'm gonna have to pay them a visit.  

fastgam fastgam
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/05/09
10:49 AM

Wow- Crooks with a capital "C"- you must need some help! I have run M&R engines in my circle track cars for over ten years, and never had a failure. Of any kind- no parts brakage, no assembly related failures. NONE. Trust me- I found M&R after having engines built by other shops fail. One of those engines failed on the first hot lap! I won't publish their name, but they're a Southern Cal shop. Matt has always been helpful to me, with an amazing wealth of knowledge related to automotive engines. I was so confident with their work, that I had them rebuild the numbers matching 427 for my '69 tri power corevette. And they are now building an open race motor for my Nasa unlimited race car. Are you sure we are talking about the same shop? The Matt I deal with isn't married. And since engines are his LIFE- I know he would make good on any reasonable problem! And by the way- I had an engine fail when the brand spanking new major brand name timing chain broke. I took the chain, and all the bent parts right down to their office, and after their engineers spent an hour and a half looking at the parts, they returned to tell me that sure enough- the chain broke. I left with a new timing chain, and a box of broken parts! It's not always the engine shop!!!  

chevykid872 chevykid872
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/04/09
04:16 PM

Sounds to me like the shop you have doing your work is maybe ripping you off too. You know a collapsed lifter is not the engine builders fault and if the engine was dynoed and stressed at peak rpm the studs would have broken... try a new shop.... I have been using one of m&r engines 347 fords with afr heads in my mustang and have never had a problem. All of my friends have gone to them and had there motors done to and have all had great luck sounds like this guy is mad and didnt take the right approach to the situation. the one issue i had i called matt and he was more than willing to take care of.  

gabe74gt gabe74gt
New User | Posts: 14 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/07/09
09:28 PM

chevykid872 is right.  I also never faced any problem so far!!....  

cssfredw cssfredw
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/25/09
03:54 PM

I just bought me a 1969 mustang fastback and wanted to put a crate motor in it.  Went on Ebay and found M&R thought it looked like a reputible buisness,  ordered my engine 427 stroker July 23rd, Matt said it would be about 2 to 3 weeks its over a month now and at this point he wont answer his phone.  I have been calling, faxing and emailing for 4 days and nothing!!! I have called 8 times today alone and nothing!  The guy is a liar and has no balls to answer my calls.  I am probably going to have to take him to court, but what really makes me sad is I am going to miss the good car shows that I was so excited about taking my new stang to.  Bastard pisses me off!!!!!!!!   Mad  

vette69 vette69
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 11/19/09
09:31 PM

I have been holding off for a long time on posting this awaiting a final outcome. Well the day has come and is it not pretty.  Mad

The following is a chronological review of what has occurred and my awful experience with M&R motors.  
• Purchased a 383 stroker full turnkey in 8/2008 from Danny at M&R.  Limited communication after purchase.  Motor arrived over 4 weeks late, the block was the wrong color, the fuel lines leaked, the valve covers were loose and the order was missing the fly wheel.  
• Within a few weeks the motor was consuming oil, blackening the oil and leaking oil.  Emails and phone messages to M&R were not returned.  
• Approximately 800 miles after install in 5/2009 oil problems got worse to include loss of oil pressure and a rattle.  M&R advised a possible faulty PCV valve and valve cover baffles.  Unbelievable.  By the way, Danny had left M&R by this time and limited correspondence was now with Matt.  They advised they would send a replacement PCV, valve covers or additional oil breather to replace the existing set up.  Nothing ever arrived.
• Contacted M&R again in late 5/2009 as problems worsened.  They casually advised me to pull the motor and return it for repair all on my dime.  I never received a Bill of Lading after we spoke.  After numerous phone messages to M&R I finally spoke with them and received shipping info.  They assured me that you would call once they received the motor and would advise as to what failed on it.    
• Once again left numerous phone messages with no reply.  Finally reached them but they were very evasive as to what had been done to the motor.  They mentioned incorrect stud length in oil pump and two glazed cylinders.  They assured me the motor would be dynode, an inventory of repairs would be shipped with the motor and tracking information would be sent.
• After a few weeks I never got any correspondence and called the office again.  They stated motor shipped.  
• Finally received motor after weeks of waiting.  No information shipped with the motor.  Motor was missing the clutch pilot bearing on the crank (so I can only guess they replaced the crank), the water pump was barely on, other closures were hand loose.  I do not believe the motor was ever dynode before shipping.  They were unable to produce dynode sheets and the condition of the motor did not lend itself to having been dynode.  
• After installing motor for the second time had oil leaking from the intake seal in the rear, the timing cover and valve covers.  Also had oil spraying out of the two breathers once the engine was hot. Also hearing random rattles again from motor.    
• In 8/2009 I took the car to a local performance shop immediately after the motor was installed to be dynode and tuned due to lack of power.  Initial numbers were way off and very disappointing.  Had two different professional Chevy engine tuners work with the motor.  Both have extensive experience racing and tuning.  Both noticed that the fuel pump did not have enough pressure and was making noise. Replaced existing faulty fuel pump with an Edelbrock high flow pump, replaced spark plugs again, changed out the carb jets, adjusted the timing and re-dynode the car multiple times.  No change in motor output.  Motor was supposed to dynode at 440 at the flywheel.  Rear wheel HP dynode between 270 and 285.  Experts agreed something wrong with the motor and no more HP is achievable.   Still hearing rattles at this point.  
• Sent email to M&R on 9/04/2009 conveying my disappointment with performance and overall experience.  No response.  Called multiple times and finally spoke with Matt. They asked me to fax the dynode records and they would get back with me.  No reply.  I called again numerous times and finally spoke with Matt again.    
• After conveying my anger, disappointment and frustration I pointed out the options.  We go to court and I contact the BAR in CA, they refund my money or reimburse my additional expenses and repair the motor again.  They stated to pull the motor again and send back to them again for repair.  They stated they would monitor the repairs, dynode the motor, turn it around quickly and provide an explanation of the repairs.  They said that if I put together a list of additional expenditures they would reimburse me. They assured me that all messages would be returned ongoing.   To date and over a year and half, I have never received a call back from one of my messages left at M&R.  
• Almost a week goes by and no shipping information.  I leave messages and finally speak with Curtis who is one the mechanics in the back.  He doesn't remember repairing the motor the first time nor can he explain why it was a returned in sloppy condition the first time.  Although no call backs from them I finally I get the shipping information emailed to me.    
• Motor is pulled, fluids drained and prepared for shipping.  Oil is black again but less than 300 miles on motor since last install.  I cut apart the oil filter and find metal particles.  Also metal particles in the breathers.  Something is obviously wrong with the internals.  Ships out on 10/8/2009 for the second repair.  
• No communication from M&R for over two weeks and then my motor magically reappears with no paper work and no reimbursements or dynode sheets as promised.  Further, the bolt attaching the harmonic balancer is broken off, one spark plug boot is torn and another spark plug wire is melted.  My motor is also covered with tape adhesive.  
• I call and speak with Matt who once again is evasive as to what they did to the motor.  He claims he has been too busy to get me the dynode paper work but that it hit 420 at the flywheeland there was nothing wrong with the motor.  I ask about the rattle and he states they might have adjusted some valves.  These guys are amazing at the lies.  Matt once again promises to send new valve covers and dynode paper work.  That was three weeks ago and I have nothing from them. Mad
• As I warned Matt, I took the motor directly over to another engine builder to dynode and assess.  Numbers came in at 385 at the fly wheel and still hearing rattles.  The motor is being torn down as I write this for a complete salvage/rebuild to get the motor I was originally seeking.    
• After two failed attempts to repair and make it right, a year and half of time wasted, thousands in additional expenditures I have had it with their lies and the BS.  The whole situation has been unacceptable and the quality of service and product has been abysmal.  I have been more than patient, calm and willing to work with them on resolving but to no avail. I offered again for them to just refund my money and just let us quietly go our separate ways but they opted to continue the charade.   This motor purchased from M&R was obviously not mechanically sound and is unable to produce the performance I paid for and M&R sold/advertised.   Once my tear down is complete I will be seeking restitution.  

Bottom line is avoid these guys at any cost.  My experience has been an absolute frustrating and costly nightmare.  Their service is terrible, their motors are junk and the quality is atrocious.  I cannot believe they are still in business and I certainly do not believe they ever could have built motors for Boyd Coddingtion.

If you have any questions just drop me a note.  

JC-Denmark JC-Denmark
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/24/09
07:24 AM

Hi Everyone

I wish i had found this forum before now......
I live in Denmark (a country in Europe) and i ordered a complete engine from M&R back in June 2009 after a lot of communication with Matt.
Everything was fine until i started pulling for a date when my shipping company could pick up the engine for shipping to Denmark.
The shipping company never managed to get contact and reported back to me after tryng for 2 weeks that as long as they could not get contact they could not do anything for me :-(
Since then it has been extremly difficult to get any contact with anyone at the company.

I have paid serious money up front (as instructed) and want my money back !!!!

Can anyone tell me what i can do to get my money back - how do i start a legal case against him when i am not living in the USA ?

Any assistance will be highly appriciated.


JC - Denmark  

Ralph6648 Ralph6648
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 02/03/10
11:02 AM

I agree there is something wrong at that shop.  I am now trying to work through an issue where Matt at M&R Motors had agreed to fix the valve reliefs on some pistons he installed, and now he won't return my calls and I haven't received the fixed parts I was promissed. What is becoming clear is he doesn't know much about ford motors, and is terrible about following through and keeping you informed.  Here is the deal.  I purchased a 5.0 short block, balanced, etc.  I asked before purchasing if I could use heads with 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves; after doing some calculations on his computer, he said no problem, and even wanted to sell me some heads he offered.  I purchased the short block, and installed AFR 185 heads, but then found out the valve reliefs were not big enough as on inspection there were tiny marks around the top of the valve relief made by the valves; the valve was tapping on the top edge of the valve relief, and luckily there was not a catastrophic failure.  When you purchase these special enginges from a specialty builder, one would expect they, M & R Motors, would know what they are going.  I'm learning the hard way and am encountering additional problems due to me not living in the Los Angeles / Glendale area. Also, they advertise on EBay so EBay buyers BE WARE.  

c1nicolei c1nicolei
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/10
Posted: 06/04/10
04:52 PM

At least you got a JUNK engone.  We are still trying to get the Glendale police dept to track Matthew Leedy down.  Sold us a $6500 engine MONTHS ago, now will not answer calls, emails ECT....  DO NOT BY AN ENGINE off ebay from this man!   Hopefully we will someday get our money back!  This guy is a scam artist!!  BEWARE!  Do not send him ***  You will never get your product.    The Glendale police department is NO help!  Feel free to email me if you want to join in our misson to track this guy down!!  I am willing to go to California to find this guy!  

Auto248740 Auto248740
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 08/11/10
11:06 AM

Matt is now operating on Myspace as Mitchell Performance Products. Selling the same crap and ripping people off I suppose. His new phone number is listed as 866-SPEED76. Don't expect him to pick up though. I don't know where Matt is, but I will find his location and get back to you guys. He also screwed my friend out of his engine. Took the money and old engine for rebuild, then boarded up his shop and disappeared. It's unbelievable that the cops don't care, but they don't.  

New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/11
Posted: 08/05/11
09:16 AM

Wow, what a horror story! I had M&R do some simple machine work in 2003 that took for ever to complete. Over a month and a half to deck and hone a block!? I had to explain what I needed done to my block like three times before it was finally done. I handles the assembly, good thing too after reading the thread, and my motor, (ford 5.0)still going strong!