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Power window kits

Power window kits

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Power window kits

GTluvr GTluvr
User | Posts: 80 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 09/13/10
10:49 PM

Having gotten sick of losing those stupid U clips that hold window cranks on, I decided to order a power window kit from LMC Truck. I've used them in the past and they seem to deal with good quality merchandise. I got my kit and it was a generic one that can be adapted to fit many different models. The thing is, on later model GM vehicles, they rivet the window mechanism to a sheet metal plate on the inside of the door panel. To get easy access to the workings it's necessary to drill out the rivets. This shouldn't be a problem but realigning all of this is a nightmare to deal with. You need eight arms and they have to be four feet long and two inches wide to get into all the tight spaces. I've used products by Spal in the past and I looked them up on the web and found that their kit isn't much different from the one I have. Now I'm thinking it's time to hit the junkyard and see if I can locate some doors with the factory power windows in 'em. No matter how I slice it, it's all a ton of effort for very litle in the way of results. The likelihood of finding doors that will line up perfectly are slim, that the colors match is even less, so that means a repaint. Taking the motors and mechanisms out is the same headache as the aftermarket kit. I'm stuffing all of this into a '94 S10. Has anyone tried a sucessful swap or add-on, and what brand of replacement parts do you recommend? Thanks.


CodyKallis CodyKallis
Enthusiast | Posts: 533 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 09/14/10
11:49 AM

I've never had the joy of performing this, I did however recently shave my door handles so I feel your pain.  I'd check out the local wreckers you could probably snag the inner door panel with everything intact and then use your stock door panel.  It may take some sweet talk but I can't see why they wouldn't part the doors as they can always sell the outer door as a skin. Worst case you can buy the entire door and sell the outers as a skin yourself.  Food for thought.