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2010 National Truck-In in Issue 13, 4 pages of coverage.

2010 National Truck-In in Issue 13, 4 pages of coverage.

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2010 National Truck-In in Issue 13, 4 pages of coverage.

Showvans1 Showvans1
User | Posts: 143 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 10/14/10
08:01 PM

Tonight my buddy Howard who co-wrote the story for this called me from Chicago with the good news. It's great to see coverage of a van event in Truckin' once again. Unfortunately my partner in photography's name was omitted. Ken Schwarz and I have been collaborating for many years on the website on and on the calendars. I'm hoping that Ed can add his name to the photo credits once the story hits the website here.
It's been a great year in vanning and I think we have made some very good progress with Truckin'. I'm hoping we can continue this relationship and make it even better once we all get to meet in February at the Council of Councils in Buena Park.

Thanks Dan, Bob and Ed ! Keep on Truckin' !  
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Member Van Azur, ACVQ, OFV, National Truck-In Board support staff and occasional contributor to this fine magazine going back to 1982.

vanmachineman vanmachineman
User | Posts: 93 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 10/15/10
06:26 AM

Thank you for putting Vans into Truckin once again.You know Doug does alot for Vanners and we love him for all he puts into this Great Culture.And I have to say Hats Off to you guys at Truckin.I think you will be very happy with vans being in the Mag.Now you should see a whole new generation of people since we have vans being published,Give it a little time.There was a saying. Built it and they will come.

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smittytcv smittytcv
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 10/18/10
07:06 AM

Glad to see Vans and Van eVANts in Truckin again, Thank you!! Great coverage of the NATs in issue 13. Keep up the good work! Great work Doug,Ken and Howard!  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 10/19/10
12:24 PM

I'll be sure Ken gets a photo credit once the story goes live on the web.  

Showvans1 Showvans1
User | Posts: 143 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 10/22/10
07:17 AM

Thanks for putting the coverage on the web now, but the change I requested has not been done. Can you please add Ken Schwarz in the photo credit to read photos by Doug Nykanen and Ken Schwarz and move Howard's name to story by Doug Nykanen and Howard Furtak. I'd like to give both these vanners proper credit for the work that they have done on this coverage. Ken has been the main contributor to the Showvans site and the annual calendar pretty much since the beginning. At the Nationals we took about 1500 pictures each to make up this coverage. Howard has a great way with words, an amazing wealth of knowledge of everything related to vanning and an incredible 37 National Truck-Ins under his belt.  
**************************************** staff, webmaster
Member Van Azur, ACVQ, OFV, National Truck-In Board support staff and occasional contributor to this fine magazine going back to 1982.

mvlhoward mvlhoward
New User | Posts: 29 | Joined: 09/07
Posted: 10/24/10
07:57 AM

WOW...Thanks to the Truckin' magazine crew for publishing the article on the Nationals.  Much has been made and said about vanners needing to build contemporary vans-Express and Sprinter  and the like.  You have also mentioned 24s and bags and more modern accoutrments being used in order to raise the interest of your readership.  I think the coverage shows the diversity and uniqueness of our sport, and the pictures you chose to run reinforce that image.  in addition to the nearly 25 pictures of vans that are over 40 years old, you have shown your readers that anything goes in vanning.  One of the most creative and well engineered vans I have ever seen is in there (The Yellow Chev).  You also show restored classics such as the Flying Eagle, wonderful new full murals-Plum Loco and In The Blood-Street Rod quality builds like Machina and Frank's Vette van, and you even show the fun of caravanning to the event!  The Dodge doing the burnout belongs to a young 20 something vanner attending his first or second Nationals, and California Dreamin belongs to a California vanner who has attended over 25 Nationals in a row!
In short, thanks for showing your readers what we do, and for allowing us to share our passion.  Vanning is not for everyone, and is not a spectator sport, but we welcome everyone who owns a van to come check it out at a van event.   If you like what you see, you will become a part of the most wonderful family you have ever met, and experience places and things that you can't imagine.  
I went to a party in March of 1974, and haven't looked back, making many lifelong friends along the way, and seeing 48 states and 8 provinces of Canada through my windshield!
Thanks again for the coverage, and I am looking forward to meeting more of your staff in February ay the Council of Councils Van Show in Buena Park.
And by the way, it's Gary LARKIN!  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 10/26/10
11:53 AM

We're happy to give you guys coverage. Truckin' has certainly changed over the last 30 years, but we haven't forgotten how we started, and if it wasn't for the early support of the custom van community, we probably wouldn't be here today. Please encourage all your van enthusiast friends to buy issue #13. That's the most sure-fire way to assure that we will continue to cover vans in the magazine. Good newsstand sales = more attention for vans!  Smile  

vanner68 vanner68
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 11/09/10
07:26 PM

Well, I read the Van Nationals coverage, BOUGHT the magazine, and was in general pleased with the presentation. No cliched hippy references, drug references, or disco references. Of course, the writers are also Vanners, so they know that vanners have changed with the times.
The photos show the diversity of the vans, and show that you do not have to have a fat wallet to participate.

I would like to thank the editorial staff at Truckin for running this feature, and treating vans and vanners with respect. The direction the magazine is taking is encouraging me to spend money on it again, instead of scanning for vans and putting it back on the rack.

As for 'new' vans, I have an 08 HHR Panel that I bought because it is welcome at van events, and gets 30mpg. I still have my muraled 86 Dodge, and hiding in the back corner of my garage is the 68 Chevy Van I bought way back in 79, I'm getting the bug to bring it back to life.  

Garfield43 Garfield43
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 11/18/10
08:14 PM

My copy showed up in the mailbox today!
Actually 3 issues showed up today, I guess the mail man was reading them.  Who can blame him! 4 glorious full color pages of vans.

I subscribed because I had heard rumblings on about the nats coverage.

Thanks for the great coverage and keep it up!