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Feb 19 2011, CofC Van Show Buena Park Ca.

Feb 19 2011, CofC Van Show Buena Park Ca.

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Feb 19 2011, CofC Van Show Buena Park Ca.

Showvans1 Showvans1
User | Posts: 143 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 02/02/11
11:09 AM

People keep saying the vans are back. We never really went anywhere, but the van scene is heating up quite a bit lately with the established vanners and newcomers getting out to the big indoor shows and a whole new generation of vanners taking to vans. This revival is happening everywhere but especially in California. Now there is a monthly swap meet and Utility Boards recently had a van and chopper show and when was the last time 2 vans in the GNRS caused as much excitement ?

On Feb 19th we're going to be getting everyone together both the old time vanners and the new kids on the block like the Vandoleros and the Van Creeps for a van show as part of our Council of Councils custom van convention. This show is open free to the public and free to the vans in the show. The owners of the vans in the show will get a dash plaque and a goody bag with a number of items including Issue 13 of Truckin' (the 2010 Nats issue). They will also be eligible for door prizes including autographed vanning collectibles as well as one off custom plaques for the show awards.

The show opens to the public at 1:00, the vans will be allowed to roll in at 10:00 am to setup. It will be at the Radisson 7762 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620

We've invited Dan, Bob and Ed from Truckin to attend and any other staffers who are interstd in coming. Dan has promised us copies of Issue 13 for the goodie bags. We're getting plenty of support from Truckin' these days, it's much appreciated.

More info on the show :  CofC Van Show Feb 19th full details  
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Moderator | Posts: 365 | Joined: 08/07
Posted: 02/19/11
09:15 PM

65 Vans at the show. Had a great time. Got to talk to Bob Ryder again and Ed Sanchez who just happened to be wearing one of my clubs shirts. Also Got to meet Virtual after all these years as well as many others.  
Mike Cook
Vice President
Inland Vans Berdoo
2008 Route 66 Hall of Fame Inductee

matchstickBGV matchstickBGV
New User | Posts: 48 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 02/22/11
01:00 PM

it was great meeting you mike. Also got to meet and talk with bob for a while. That was a pleasure. I didn't even realize that was ed taking pictures until after the fact. Wish I could have told him personally that I enjoy his blogs and coverage here on truckinweb.  

frscke frscke
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 02/22/11
08:38 PM

It was my 1st vannin gathering and I had a great time and the people were fantastic.



Showvans1 Showvans1
User | Posts: 143 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 02/23/11
03:54 PM

The show went very well. Even with a forecast of 90% chance of rain 67 vans showed up. Vanners are a bit more flexible than normal automotive enthusiasts, there were only 30 vehicles at the Donut Derelicts the same day just as a comparison. Had the weather forecast been better we could have easily topped 100 vans.  

We had the pleasure of having both Bob Ryder and Ed Sanchez from Truckin' at the show. The vans in the show were quite diverse from the GNRS Foose Design Award winning VANGO, Octopus' Garden which was at both GNRS and the 2010 SEMA right on down to daily driven works in progress. Everyone in the show went home with a door prize as well as a goody bag that included Truckin' Issue 13.  

The California van scene is very healthy these days thanks to the established vanners like Wheels of Confusion getting out more than ever and the newer generation Vandoleros, Van Creeps and Kidnappers being very active as well organizing their own events. It was great to have the newcomers mixing with some of the best van builders in all of vanning from all across the country.

We all hope to see that 100+ vans in a show either this year or next in California.  
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Member Van Azur, ACVQ, OFV, National Truck-In Board support staff and occasional contributor to this fine magazine going back to 1982.

vanmachineman vanmachineman
User | Posts: 93 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 02/24/11
11:28 AM

What a Great time and Turnout.This is just the coolest Sport to be involved with.What these vanners can do to these Vans.And To Hangout with Vanners from all over is also the fun of it All.

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