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85 Chevy C10 pickup

85 Chevy C10 pickup

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85 Chevy C10 pickup

KavemanLeo KavemanLeo
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/04/11
10:24 PM

I own an 85 Chevy C10 Pickup, with 397k mi on it. however the Tanny and engine have been rebuilt, now im looking to sell it. however i parked it a year ago and it has just sat, so fuel is spoiled, prob need new fuel pump, filter, ect. its starting to Rust, and i dont know what do about that... the bed is made out of wood, the way i bought it..  i was trying to restore it and make it into a Classic Looking Truck however, ive been extremely busy and dont have the thrill or money i once had im just hoping it can find a better home which is can be brought back to its great Glory dream.

Whats new: AC blows COLD, New Stereo ,Brand new Tires, Brand new Battery, New Alternator, new Starter, All new headlights and Taillights, custom power windows locks and mirrors, brakes

Whats Bad: like i said has sat for a year so the fuel is bad, and currently wont start... will need a little work to start up like i said , prob just new fuel pump, filter, clean gas tanks, and fresh fuel.