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%.3 LM7 Silverado dyno

%.3 LM7 Silverado dyno

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%.3 LM7 Silverado dyno

JGG8891 JGG8891
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Posted: 10/15/11
10:11 PM

Mods on ruck; Gibson Dual rear exit Exhaust
                     Ebay Intake
                     Predator Programmer

So lately Gio has been wanting to tune some domestic cars and programs just to gain knowledge and insight. He has a somewhat eccentric boss who is really into having modded vehicles and so my brother convinced him to get himself any type of programmer and he would tune it. Owner bought himself a Predator Programmer. The truck is a 5.3 LM7 with 208k on the clock.

The Predator tunes were absolutely worthless, 16+ air/fuel ratio loss over 20whp and 20ft ls tq, owner of the truck was changing skin color because he was so mad. Luckily Gio was able to make his own tune and good some decent results I think. More mods coming in the near future I'll keep you guys updated.

Orange = OEM tune
Blue = Predator Tune Frown
Green = Custom Tune by Gio
              2011 10 15195625

                Th MOV 0294

Custom Butt Dyno Below;

Th MOV 0299