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aFe Power Releases - Ford Ecoboost Scorcher Tuner

aFe Power Releases - Ford Ecoboost Scorcher Tuner

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aFe Power Releases - Ford Ecoboost Scorcher Tuner

aFePower_Jason aFePower_Jason
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Posted: 04/11/12
07:27 AM

Corona, Ca…advanced Flow engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance cold air intakes, filters, intercoolers, intake manifolds and exhaust systems is pleased to announce the release of their new Scorcher Tuner for 11-12 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6-3.6L (tt).

Finally a programmer for the EcoBoost that is integrated to work with aftermarket performance products. The new Scorcher from aFe Power utilizes a fully integrated tuning system that is matched to aFe Power performance intakes, exhaust and throttle body spacers. These tunes are designed to provide maximum performance over the entire RPM range. Thius unit produced up to 54hp and 68lbs. x ft. torque. aFe has partnered with Supechips to develop the exclusive tunes to maximize all available power without sacrificing safety to the motor. This small hand-held unit contains multiple tunes per application that can be changed to match the driving condition (performance, mileage, towing, etc.). The easy to follow prompts make this product one of the easiest and fun ways to increase power and improve driveability.

Amplify Fuel Deliver - Amplify fuel delivery and injection timing for increased horsepower and torque.

Speedometer Calibration - Speedometer Calibration resets for large tire and gear changes.

Turbo Boost Control - Maximize control of turbo boost and variable vane control.

Optimized Shift Times - Optimize shift times and patterns for better placement of available power.

Clear Check Engine Lights - Read and clear check engine lights/codes.

The Scorcher tuner retails for around $449.00 and are available in stores now.

For more information on this or any other aFe product, please visit our website at or contact our Power Professionals at 951-493-7155.