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Exhaust system

Exhaust system

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Exhaust system

Chris1htx4 Chris1htx4
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 04/30/12
04:52 PM

I have a 1984 Chevy c10 pick up with an inline 6 engine. Without switching out the engine I want to upgrade my exhaust system to make the truck sound louder. Can anybody give me any suggestions on what to do? I was even thinking about putting some headers on the truck. Please help me out with some ideas.  

GTluvr GTluvr
User | Posts: 80 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/12/12
05:36 PM

I know that many of the six cylinder headers are split three and three, so you can give it that dual exhaust look and sound, but it'll mean extra mufflers and cats (if it's so equipped) but it'll also give some extra horsepower and fuel economy. There's a company called Clifford 4,6=8 that specializes in four and six cylinder hi-perf equipment. Most of it is geared towards vintage stuff, but they might have links to other sites that wil fill your needs.