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Please!! I Need Help on Roll Pan Installation!!!

Please!! I Need Help on Roll Pan Installation!!!

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Please!! I Need Help on Roll Pan Installation!!!

New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/18/12
02:19 AM

Can somebody please help me with this? I have an older style body 1999 GMC YUKON.I want to install a Rear Roll Pan.Problem is the Frame rails stick out 5-6inches past the body where the Roll Pan would go across when I remove the bumper.I have asked EVERYWHERE,and have been told it's a bolt on situation .To bolt it on to the bumper brackets and I'm done.Well there are NO BUMPER BRACKETS!! There's only Frame Rails that stick out that I'd have to cut 5-6inches off in order to get the Roll Pan flush across the rear.That would not only make it to where I could never reinstall the bumper if I needed to.It also removes the 1st mounting holes on the frame rails for the hitch on the back.Can someone PLEASE give me some advice.PLEASE!!!! I've had 632 people look at my same question in General Customization,and not one person has replied??Is this really an issue NOBODY knows about??Somebody's got to have the same style 1999 Yukon,Tahoe,Suburban,Silverado or Sierra,they all have the same frame set up,I'm putting out the challenge to everyone to tell me how to get it done correctly!!!  Thank You everyone very much for any help with this!!  

waynep71222 waynep71222
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Posted: 07/19/12
10:10 PM

i saw your post...   got pictures???   got a brand and part number on the rear roll pan so some of us could look up instructions...

you can post images to a free photobucket account. then the links here so we can see them...

i ran across this image of the one of the 3 optional rear bumpers on a tahoe..

have you talked to the roll pan supplier tech support line..??

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