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Digitial Airride Guages Wiring Help

Digitial Airride Guages Wiring Help

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Digitial Airride Guages Wiring Help

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Posted: 04/23/13
05:44 PM

I need help with wiring up a digital air gauges. I just got a truck with airride that has digital senders on it but has had the wires cut I know that there are sending units on each corner and also on the tank. There are also wires ran from them into the cab and was previously hooked up cause the ends are cut. The problem im having is that all the wires that are coming from the display aren't in the truck. The wires that are coming out of the display are orange, pink, blue, purple, gray, white, red, black, brown. The wires that are actually in the truck are the orange, pink, blue, purple, gray, and possibly white. Im thinking that the white might be the ignition wire to tell it to come on cause there is one coming from an ignition wire under the dash that has been cut also. im thinking that the red and black are the power and ground but not sure. I don't wanna hook anything up cause I don't want to fry anything. Wanna see if it will work. I just need help with the red, black, white, and brown. Any help will defiantly be appreciated. Thank you.  

Also the case to the display has been taken off and its just the circuit boards and wires there. So I don't know the brand of it or the sending units. Everything looks to be intact but not for sure.  

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