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Warning About Go Rhino Dominator Bars

Warning About Go Rhino Dominator Bars

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Warning About Go Rhino Dominator Bars

GoRhino Suxs GoRhino Suxs
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Posted: 02/18/14
12:20 PM

I want to post my experience of purchasing a set of Go Rhino Step bars in the hopes it will help others not make the same mistake I made.  
I purchased a set of Go Rhino step bars for my 2012 pickup from Amazon on Aug 29, 2013 for just over $290 + tax.  

The install was easy and I was able to remove the factory bars and install the Go Rhinos in about an hour.
5 months later January rolls around and the bars are getting pretty rusty.  No big deal, the main reason I went with the Go Rhino bars is the 5 year warranty. I email the pictures of the rust off and proof of purchase.

My warranty claim gets approved but according to their “Company Policy” they do not cover Shipping.

They want $209 for shipping to replace the bars I purchased 5 months ago for $290.

Clearly I received a defective product and I completely understand it happens. Production issues are part of life but it’s how a company deals with defects that defines whether they are a good company or a terrible one.

So please warn everyone you know about what they can expect from Go Rhino and their terrible customer service and terrible Company policy.