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Running low profiles and WHY CAN"T I !?!?!?!?

Running low profiles and WHY CAN"T I !?!?!?!?

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Running low profiles and WHY CAN"T I !?!?!?!?

Richard Stevens Richard Stevens
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/13/14
03:15 PM

Ok so I've posted in/on a couple other sites/links and , looking for an honest answer to My dilema....

I own a 2007 Dodge Ram SLT Quad Cab 2wd 4.7 Magnum Standard size bed Truck ....... Now that I got that out of the way !

I used/put on a McGaughy 4 & 6 " drop kit ,, which is : 2 inch drop spindles and 2 inch coils up front and flip kit on the rear .

I also took an inch out of the coils up front giving it a 5" drop and an 1 1/2" drop shackle on the rear . I want to go anoth 2 up front , but ?!?!?

Running/using stock 20s which I like the look of it but ? The lowest profile tire sold to Me because of legalities , is a  285/50/20 which is causing or has been causing My truck to chew tires . I went through a set on the rear in 1 day , so I had to remove the drop shackles ,, but still chewing tires .

Ive seen plenty of full size trucks with 13" wire wheels and I've also seen pics of truck online running the tire size I want to use * 235/45/20 or 245/45/20 *

Tire shops are telling Me the weight ratio is off so it wouldn't be safe to use that tire size ...... Well chewing tires @ 90 mph isn't much safer or much better .

ANYONE OUT THERE have any experiences with the lower profile sizes I listed ? 235/45/20 or 245/45/20 ?

also NO ONE makes a low profile shock  with such a drop to fit My ram  ,, total drop is 7 and 7 1/2 " so I'm still bumping on stocks .....

also I've noticed it seems that I can't carry much in the bed now that its lowered

final question ..... where can I find a low profile transmission crossmember ? 2007 Ram

I don't want to bag it but Id like a nice smooth low ride to enjoy this summer