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Fastest Truck You've Ever Driven, Ridden In, or Seen?

Fastest Truck You've Ever Driven, Ridden In, or Seen?

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Fastest Truck You've Ever Driven, Ridden In, or Seen?

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/25/07
05:48 PM

What's the fastest truck you've ever ridden in or driven, or seen? Purpose-built race trucks don't count. We're talking street-driven trucks. I once rode in and drove Jerry Magnuson's (of MagnaCharger superchargers) personal truck, a short-bed, regular-cab, half-ton Sierra with a supercharged 6.0. That thing was insane! I don't know what all he did to it, but it was freakin' fast! What's your story?  

Balboa455 Balboa455
User | Posts: 194 | Joined: 06/07
Posted: 07/26/07
12:27 PM

I drove quite a few Ford F-150 lightnings when I worked at an SVT Ford service department. Not only did it have a burly motor for the time, it also felt fast. That may also have been down to the low tech recirculating ball steering and floaty suspension setup. You never really knew where it was going to go when you floored it. That was good for some laughs but I am sure gets old with time.
The fastest truck I have ever driven is actually the Supercharged Range Rover Sport belonging to my sister in law. It is an odd sensation, driving that truck, SUV, forest killer, whatever you want to call it. If you don't jump on the gas, it accelerates leisurely, as a Rover usually does. But if you floor it from a stop you hear that supercharger whine and it gives you a pretty hefty push into the seat back. Very nice. My favorite part of the Rover, though, is that you can program the navigator to speak with an English Accent. How proper.  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/27/07
10:49 AM

Re: RR Sport. If you think the Rover Sport is fast, you need to drive the Grand Cherokee SRT8. Balboa, I know you hate ChryCo products, but I'm telling you, that thing is freakin' scary fast. WAY faster than a RR Sport. I'd put it in Cayenne Turbo S category. But while we're there, the TrailBlazer SS is pretty darn quick for what it is.  

bad_ass_v10 bad_ass_v10
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 10/10/07
10:27 AM

My friend claims he can run a 3.2 second 0-60 in his ford... its an automatic... is that even possible???  I dont think so but u let me know  

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 10/10/07
04:43 PM

That would be pretty impressive if true. I'd like to see pics of 1/4 slips, or dyno numbers.  

ecordell ecordell
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 11/06/07
07:59 AM

I owned a 1989 S-10 with a 400 Small block followed by a 5-speed tranny, 4.10 gears. Very quick, just no top end with those gears.

Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Guru | Posts: 1908 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 11/07/07
06:09 PM

Yeah, did that thing turn like 4,000 rpm on the freeway?  

Wheat Wheat
Moderator | Posts: 431 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 11/07/07
07:45 PM

I've ridden in quite a few Lightnings with Work done, Nitrous, intercoolers, ect...But my project Ranger is pretty quick. We Data logged 0-60 times yesterday in 4.7 seconds. Not bad for a 3 liter. But we also had an '07 WRX we were messing around with, My goodness! That sucker launches HARD!!!!  

longtravelyota longtravelyota
New User | Posts: 43 | Joined: 05/07
Posted: 11/09/07
10:25 AM

a 950 HP Trophy Truck goin 140 in the open desert!!  

Wheat Wheat
Moderator | Posts: 431 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 11/09/07
02:51 PM

Icon Quote:
Purpose-built race trucks don't count.


qu1cks1lver56 qu1cks1lver56
New User | Posts: 14 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 11/29/07
10:51 PM

well i was gonna say my 3/8 mile dirt oval race truck but since they dont count....
as far as a stock truck
my dads dually
has the 6.0L
doesnt have the speed limiter for some odd reason, we didnt take it off
and it will run every bit of 120-140  

eamonnschevy eamonnschevy
New User | Posts: 14 | Joined: 01/08
Posted: 01/31/08
06:41 AM

My best time so far is 13.7 at santa pod raceway in the UK my truck was my daily driver till i blew the engine (i'm driving a slow mitsibushi lancer station wagon at the moment till the trucks fixed) heres
the link to the you tube video of me beating a Firebird 6.6

500bhp my best 0-60 is 4.9 seconds but i'm working on my launch  

silent_orchestra silent_orchestra
User | Posts: 59 | Joined: 01/08
Posted: 01/31/08
07:24 PM

I would have to say a customers '05 Dodge 2500 with a BUILT Cummins, full banks set up, Dual Compound Turbos, different cam, head was O-ringed, 6 inch exhaust to the back, the list goes on. Street driven 10second truck. I did all the tranny work on it too, It's got billet shafts, and a billet torque converter that takes 2 people to lift. It also has alcohol injection, runs off the wiper juice bottle. Next for the set up is propane, and nitrous. It has close to 1400hp and 2000 Ft Lb of torque. My '94 Chevy with an Olds 425 with a full Mondello set up, and TH400 with the changes reccomended to me by Joe Mondello, should be a force to be recconed with too, but it's gonna be a while until it's done.  

cmartin3d cmartin3d
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 11/14/08
09:49 PM

hands down a GMC Cyclone. Now, don't get me wrong, i think it's ugly as sin! but when my friend offered to let me drive it, I was in for a rude awakening. He claims it's stock but how many stock cyclones do you guys know of that have run a 11.60 at our local 1/4 mile. HOLY *** THAT THING HAULS!!!!! BTW, I was up there when he ran the pass, it was a true 11.60 with the slips to prive it, otherwise I wouldn't have believed him!  

moldman66 moldman66
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 11/16/08
08:53 AM

At least 10 years ago a friend of a friend had a 85 S10 reg cab short bed RUST BUCKET that he put a 383 stroker motor in. It had a big cam in it with head work and custom built headers (by the owner) that worked very well together. I think it ran high 12's frying the tire (no posi) all the way down the track. I'll never forget my buddy borrowed the truck and came over to my house and we went out for a was unreal!!! With no weight in the bed and that stroker torque it would never hook up......and the best part is due to the rust and the rough idle everybody thought it was a piece of junk sitting at a stop light! That truck defined sleeper!!! I never drove it though.  

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